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GYL Alumni Gallery

Greenwich Youth Lacrosse would like to acknowledge those players who have participated in the GYL Program who have gone on to play lacrosse at their College or University.

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We look forward to expanding our GYL History!


Last Name First Name Position College or University
Ashra Nikhil  goalie Princeton University
Banker Russell  middie Middlebury College
Bannon Sean  defense Fairfield University
Barnett Tom  defense Gettysburg College
Bastis Greg  midfield Middlebury College
Bastis Nick  attack Middlebury College
Bell Courtney  defense Colorado College
Benincasa Ryan midfield University of Virginia '12
Berner Robbie  middie Yale Middlebury College
Blake Christian  goalie Princeton University
Bowers Hana   Dartmouth University
Cabrera Jim  attack Middlebury College
Carr Andrew defense Washington and Lee
Chapman Billy  defense Middlebury College
Chonoky T.J.  middie Trinity College
Christie Emma   Gettysburg College
Chung Southeby  goalie Middlebury College
Clark Jake  middie Bucknell University
Coffin Jamie  attack Dartmouth College
Coffin Sara  midfield Dartmouth College
Coleman Hilary    Middlebury College
Connor Caroline  midfield University of Pennsylvania
Connor Tom  attack Notre Dame University
Craumer Zack  attack Colgate University
Curran Decker   University of Michigan
Daiber Teddy  middie Brown University
Davies Lindsay  midfield Williams College
Delano Chase  midfield Middlebury College
Demmerle Alice  midfield Middlebury College
Dickey Willie  middie Fairfield University
Dickson David attack Bucknell University
Dunster Ann   Dickinson College
Dunster Colin  middie Bryant University
Dunster Jim  middie University of North Carolina
Dunster Tori   High Point University
Elrod Chris   

Colgate University

Ellsworth Michael midfield UCLA - Captain
Fast Christina  midfield Princeton University
Feeney Claire   Roanoke College
Feeney Kyle  goalie Bucknell University
Finger Caroline   

University of Pennsylvania

Flippin Ryan   Wesleyan University
Foote Kyle   Loyola University
Fox Matt  attack  
Gattinella Taylor  midfield Columbia University
Gerkin David    Trinity College
Geronimos Gabrielle  midfield Columbia University
Gestal Dana     
Gilbride Regan     
Glazer Charlie  middie University of Virginia
Goodkind Sarah  midfield Hobart William Smith
Gourlay Scott  middie Colgate University
Graves Maddy   Washington and Lee University
Hammeril Molli   Dickinson College
Harrington Jack   Duke University
Hearn Lexie  midfield Gettysburg College
Heidt Billy midfield Dartmouth College
Hines Alexandria  attack Harvard University
Horowitz Jared  attack University of Pennsylvania
Horowitz Liz  attack University of Pennsylvania
Hoyos Tommy  defense Harvard University
Hurst Spencer  defense Middlebury College
Isbrandsten Jake  goalie Trinity College
Johnson Maddie   Colby College
Joyce Brennan     
Kass Hunter    University of Virginia '05
Kass Miles  goalie Georgetown '08
Keeshan Maddie  midfield University of Virginia
Keleher Erin  midfield University of New Hampshire
Ketchum Bray  midfield Yale University
Klair Brooke   Susquehannah University
Klauberg Jackie  midfield Duke Universisty
Kolb Charlie  defense Middlebury College
Kramer Sarah  attack Lehigh University
Kreuter Chase  goalie Kenyon College
Lazar Jon middie Roger Williams University
Lazar Liv   Bentley University
Levine Cody  attack Cornell University
Levine Julien  attack Cornell University
Linhares Katie  goalie Notre Dame University
Lovejoy Avery  attack Washington & Lee University
Lovejoy Carrie  midfield Colby College
Lovejoy Liz  attack University of Louisville
Loynaz Oscar  middie Princeton University
MacDonald Kiernan  defense University of North Carolina
Mackell Izzy   St. Lawrence University
Mackenzie Shannon  defense Dartmouth College
Macleod Colin  attack Harvard University
Macleod Matt  goalie Harvard University
McBride Lindsey  midfield Middlebury College
McGowan Meigan  midfield Williams College
McGraw Clyde    University of Vermont
McGuinn Cristin  attack Lafayette College
McKee Parker  defense Duke University
McKee Will  attack Duke University
Merritt Brittany     
Meyers Jonathan  defense Princeton University
Moriarty Kevin   Wesleyan College
Moran Mark  goalie Connecticut College
Nail Jack   College of the Holy Cross
Nelson Nicolina     
Noskin Daniel  middie University of Maryland
Orapall Alec   College of Holy Cross
O'Connor Chris  attack Drexel University
O'Connor Tom  defense Middlebury College
Oberbeck Christian  middie Harvard University
Oberbeck Conrad attack Yale University
Paletta Carolyn   University of North Carolina
Paletta Natalie   Cornell University
Payton Charlie  middie Duke University
Payton Sam  middie Duke University
Perry Cole   Denison University
Petrelli Taryn  defense Middlebury College
Pierce Phil  defense Brown University
Pittman Jennifer    Dartmouth University
Purcell Liz  defense Harvard University
Raugh Claire     
Read Annie  goalie Stanford University
Reed Will  middie Amherst College
Reimers Caitlin  defense Princeton University
Rider Sarah   Union College
Rinaldi Chris  middie Lehigh University
Rosenzweig Brett  defense Union College
Sachs Christina    Vanderbilt University
Sadler Eliza  defense Columbia University
Saleeby Sam   Dickinson College
Sanford Rachel  midfield Duke University
Santangelo Rob  attack Union College
Schoen Tara  midfield Harvard University
Shepard Shea  attack University of Denver
Sherman George  attack Brown University
Simmons Caroline  attack Harvard University
Simmons Sara    Cornell University
Simpson Martelle  midfield Richmond University
Smith Amanda  attack Middlebury College
Stafford Bo attack Georgetown University
Stein Hayden   St. Lawrence University
Sternburgh Van    Yale University
Sullivan Michael   Lafayette College
Sweeney Maggie   Skidmore College
Swindell Will defense Brown University
Tillman Abbie defense Colgate University
Tooner John   Rhodes College
Tunney Drew   attack Dartmouth College
Virtue Garrett  middie University of Vermont
Virtue Matt  attack Middlebury College
Virtue Tucker  attack Duke University
Waine Sophie   Dickinson College
Wasche Ward  goalie University of Vermont
Wilson Renwick   Oberlin College
Witmer Bart  middie Middlebury College
last updated 02/29/2016