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GYL Program FAQs


How do I register?  Once registration opens, on the left-side of our home page under Home, a tab will appear that says “Register Online.” Click it to begin the registration process.

I think I registered my child but I’m not sure. How can I check? On the home page, under Home, scroll to the bottom and click “Edit my Account.” Here you can check whether your child is registered; you can also edit your profile (for example, you can change the email address associated with your account or add a new one).

I registered my child for your program but our plans have changed. What’s your refund policy? GYL will issue you a refund, less a $50 processing fee, if you make a request through the “Feedback” tab on the home page (under Home). The deadline for a refund is midnight on February 27th.

My child is repeating a grade in school. How does this affect his/her participation in your program?  GYL has adopted US Lacrosse and CONNY guidelines for age segmentation. Please see the homepage for full detail.

My child’s grade and/or date of birth is wrong and I can’t change it in the system. What should I do?  Please contact our registrar, Amy Adorney, at and she will make the change for you.

I don’t live in Greenwich but my child attends school here. Can I register for GYL? GYL is only open to residents of the town of Greenwich. There are no exceptions to this policy.

My child is old enough to attend kindergarten in the public schools but is in pre-K at a private school. Can we register for your kindergarten program? No. GYL is a grade-based program for kindergarten. You can only register your child for the grade in which he/she is currently enrolled. There are no exceptions. Any violators will be dismissed from our program and no refunds will be given.


House League

Can my child play on the same team as his/her friends? Due to the size of our program we cannot accommodate any requests for team placement. Our house league teams practice at the same time on the same field so it’s easy to carpool; your child will see many familiar faces on the field and hopefully make some new friends along the way.

We missed Jersey Day! How do we find out what team our child is on and pick up his/her jersey?  No problem!  Just arrive a few minutes early for the first Saturday house league session your child can attend. There will be coaches and administrators at the field who can tell you which team your child is on and give you the appropriate jersey.

I am interested in coaching. Who do I contact? GYL is always looking for volunteer coaches! If you would like to be a coach please contact Craig Wingrove - for boys and Sarah O'Connor - for girls.



Where do your teams travel? Almost all of the travel team games are located within an hour of Greenwich – throughout NY and CT. Occasionally our teams participate in tournaments that are further away.

My child can’t attend all 4 travel tryouts. Is that a problem? Yes and no. There is no minimum requirement for GYL tryouts but in order for your child to get the best possible evaluation, he/she should try to attend as many tryouts as possible for best placement.

Can my child make an A or B team after one attending only one tryout session? Yes, although it is the rare exception. The more a player showcases his/her skills and athleticism, the better the chance to make an appropriate team.

My child has been on an A team every season but can’t attend tryouts this year. He/she will automatically make the A team again though, right? No. Any player who misses all 4 tryouts will automatically be placed on a Tier 3 team. They can, however, be moved up if the coaches feel they are clear standouts on the team.

Does GYL respect other commitments? Absolutely! It is why there we have 4 tryouts over two weekends.

Does GYL require you to be committed throughout the entire season once the teams are placed? Absolutely! We respect all family, school and religious conflicts. But, this must be your spring season extra-curricular activity! There will be loss of play and possible dismissal from the team for unexcused absences.  You can read more about GYL’s commitment policy on our home page.

Does going to all 4 tryouts ensure better placement? No but it ensures the most accurate placement. Tryouts are about the quality of your child’s performance! In most cases, we have found that a player gets the most appropriate placement with more “looks”.

Do I need to email the coaches if I am to miss tryouts? While we appreciate your thoughtfulness, it is not necessary. We take attendance at each session and trust that you have a commitment that precludes you from attending.

When and how will my child find out which team he/she is on? Families of players in grades 5-8 will receive an email or phone call within 48 hours of the last tryout session.

My child is an "older" 2nd grade boy and is interested in 3rd grade travel. Can I do the following?

  • If he doesn't like it can we switch back mid season? No. You need to decide at registration.
  • Can he still play in 2nd grade house league with his friends? No. You need to commit to the specific grade that you register. Your son would play 3rd grade house league and 3rd grade travel. We need consistency given the size of our program.

Can my first grader bump up to 2nd grade house league given he's old for his grade? No. For 2020, we ask that you stay with your grade. You can only "opt in" to travel if you are a 2nd-4th grade boy or a 3rd-4th grade girl.

I'm still confused. Contact Pat Coleman with any more questions -



Is it ok to bring a small tailgate with alcohol to travel or home games? No. GYL has a strict no alcohol policy. GYL abides by the rules of all town and school fields that we use. ALL of them have a no alcohol policy. Field policies do not permit food on any of the fields either so we suggest adhering to a water only policy during practice or games.

If my child suffers a concussion or serious injury, can they come back to the team at our discretion? No. If there is a serious injury, you need to have an open discussion with the coach or GYL board officials. Then, in most cases, you will be required to get a doctor's release in order to return to the field.