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House League is the fundamental building block for GYL. Our program is open to girls and boys from Kindergarten to Grade 4. We strive to make a fun and age appropriate competitive environment to foster skill development and a love for the game. House League's main focus is on skills development and small sided play.


Every player will have two sessions per week:  Friday Night Clinics and Saturday House League (check GYL homepage each week for time and location).  All players and coaches are expected to attend both sessions.  


On the girls side, we introduced a standard beginner's stick for our K-2 players.  Our goal is to have each girl playing with an entry level stick that will help them develop confidence with ground balls, passing, and shooting.  Appropriate entry level sticks will be available to purchase at GYL Jersey Day.


We have brought development in house and we are working with outstanding local lacrosse talent to create a new curriculum and to provide some new master coaches to work with our players and coaches.  On the boy’s side, we have a team of David Earl, Brad Neubirth, and Brady Miller.  Local High School Coaches David Bruce (Brunswick) and Bobby Lutz (GHS) have added their input to this curriculum! Some of you may know David Earl from 2Way Lacrosse. 



** In season, all programming changes are posted to the GYL Homepage **


For specific times for each session please follow the link to the appropriate age group in the left hand navigation menu.  Here are some key dates for the 2020 House League season:

  • March 6th:  PCA Night - final times and location to be posted on 2020 Key Dates page
  • March 7th:  Jersey Day (9am to 11am, Old Greenwich School)
  • March 20th:  Friday Night Clinic begins
  • March 21th:  House League begins 
  • May 15th:  Final Friday Night Clinic
  • May 16th:  Final House League
  • May 23rd:  Memorial Day Parade


Our program relies heavily on volunteers.  If you are interested in volunteering or if you have any questions, please contact (girls program) or (boys program).



GYL and Small-Sided Play


GYL is a long-time advocate of small-sided play. 


What exactly does this term mean?  It means you play a game with fewer players competing on a smaller sized field. GYL’s House League was an early adopter of this concept and we’ve introduced other facets such as smaller goals and modified sticks (K-2 in our girls program). Our House League has been a model for other programs.


What are the benefits?  Small sided play provides a competitive environment where the boys and girls have a greater opportunity to touch the ball and be involved in the game. The kids gain confidence as they maximize time with the ball in their stick (touches), field time, and overall development. 


Seriously?  Why mess with the game?  Lacrosse and youth sports are changing. It’s about development and not one alpha kid running through a team to score a goal. Here is some additional material that highlight the merits of small-sided play:


Other sports aren’t doing this!  Think again.  Most sports have adopted a similar mindset and it is changing the way young athletes learn their sport and learn how to compete.