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Required Equipment for GYL

Boys: Players in grades K-8 are required to wear

  • helmet (CONNY recommends NOCSAE-approved lacrosse helmets, but HECC-approved hockey helmets are allowed)
  • mouthguard
  • gloves
  • elbow/arm pads 
  • shoulder pads
  • shoes (moulded cleats)
  • cup
  • jersey
  • Rib pads are strongly recommended

In addition, travel goalies MUST wear chest pads and throat guards.  Goalies may also wear shin guards and football pants (with or without pads).  Many coaches believe youth level goalkeepers benefit from wearing shin, kneww, and thigh pads - such pads are authorized for youth play so long as they do not significantly increase the size of the limb protected (e.g. no ice hockey, field hockey, or box lacrosse goalie pads). 


Crosse (stick) Dimensions for K-4th graders:
The length of the crosse may be 37 to 42 inches. No exceptions, except for the goalkeepers crosse which may be 37 to 60 inches long.  See additional guidance on sticks at the bottom of this page.

Crosse (stick) Dimensions for Jrs. (5th and 6th grades) and Srs. (7th and 8th graders):
In Junior play only, a long crosse shall be 43 to 60 inches and a team may have a maximum of only three players using long crosses, not counting the goalkeeper’s crosse, in the game at any time. Also in Junior play only, a player who uses a crosse shorter than 40 inches shall, if the crosse is challenged, be required to remove it from play with no further penalty assessed.

Girls: Players in grades 3-8 are required to wear:

  • Mouthguard which fully covers the upper jaw teeth. Must be colored - no clear mouthguards.  Note:  mouthguards cannot be physically tethered to the eyewear.
  • Eye protection which meets the most current ASTM specifications. Click here for a complete list of approved eyewear
  • Goalies: must wear a helmet with a face mask, a separate throat protector, padded gloves, a mouth piece, a chest protector and padding on the shins and thighs. The helmet must meet the NOCSAE test standard. Padding on the arms and shoulders is also acceptable. For travel teams, the goalie must wear a top of the same color as her team over her chest and shoulder pads; and must wear bottoms which are in agreement with the team's predominant color or be black or gray.
  • Closefitting gloves, nose guards and soft headgear may be worn by all players.


Note:  Players in grades K-2 use Swax balls so eye protection and mouthguards are optional.


The Field Stick:

  • Length: 35.5” minimum, 43.25” maximum. U9 and U11 may shorten to the length of player’s arm
  • Stringing: 4-5 leather or synthetic strings, 8-12 stitches or cross-lacing, maximum of two “shooting” strings 
  • Pocket: no mesh - legal when ball remains above the wall when pressure applied in horizontal stick
  • Head: triangular affixed in same plane as handle
  • Shaft: wood, composite or metal alloy
  • See additional guidance on sticks at the bottom of this page for House League players.


The Goalie Stick: 
  • Length: 35.5” minimum, 52” maximum in youth lacrosse
  • Stringing: goalie sticks come standard with mesh pockets
  • Pocket: legal when ball moves freely in pocket and stick meets manufacturing specs from Rule 9 in “Official Rules for Girls and 
  • Women’s Lacrosse” rulebook published by US Lacrosse
  • Head: extra-wide triangle in same plane as handle
  • Shaft: wood, composite or metal alloy

US Lacrosse establishes regulations for women’s lacrosse. For a full listing of legal sticks, click on this link from the US Lacrosse website
Sticks are checked at pre-game line-up and umpires may remove illegal sticks from game. Umpires will recheck illegal sticks at halftime and allow for use if the stick passes.
House League Sticks: Here is some additional guidance for sticks and pockets for House League players (K-4th Grade)


Stick Length

Pocket Size


Girls House League

  • US Lacrosse rule:  35.5 inches to 43.25 inches  
  • GYL modification:  For K-3rd graders, we recommend if 35.5 inches is too large, you cut down to the shaft to the arm size of the girl (see video link in the references column)
  • Legal is when the ball remains above the wall when pressured is applied in a horizontal stick
  • For K-2 especially, we recommend putting a small pocket in each girl's stick and progressively shortening it throughout the season.  A pocket will allow the player to scoop, cradle, throw, catch, and shoot with more confidence.

Boys House League

  • CONNY Lacrosse rule:  37 inches to 42 inches
  • For K-2 graders, we recommend you start the shaft at 37" and cut down further if need be
  • Also note, your child should be using a proper lacrosse stick – "fiddle sticks" are not real lacrosse sticks and it is very difficult to use these with a regulation size lacrosse ball
  • The pocket must be adjusted so that the top of the ball does not fall below the bottom edge of the head when the stick is held horizontally



Cold Weather Clothing:  

Additionally during the early season practices, it can get cold and sometimes rainy. If this happens, please have your child wear layers with outer and under layers of clothing. Some suggestions are:full-sleeve t-shirt, water resistant jacket, water resistant sweat pants, and thin gloves.


Local Vendors:

We encourage you to support local vendors!